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Other Restrictions

  • WSML-Core does not allow for the specification of the attribute features reflexive, transitive, symmetric, inverseOf and subAttributeOf
  • Cardinality constraints are not allowed and thus it is not possible to specify functional properties
  • Allowed attribute values are restricted to strings, numbers, ids, or a lists of such values; constructed data values are not allowed
  • Does not allow for the specification of relations
  • Does not allow the specification of relation instances 
  • For axioms, WSML-Core only allows the use of a restricted form of the WSML logical expression syntax 
  • Goals and Web services: the logical expressions in the 'assumptions', 'preconditions', 'effects' and 'postconditions' of a capability and 'definition' of a non-functional property are limited to WSML-Core logical expressions

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