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  • WSML-DL is an extension of WSML-Core to a full-fledged description logic with an expressiveness similar to OWL DL
  • WSML-DL is both syntactically and semantically completely layered on top of WSML-Core 
    • Every valid WSML-Core specification is also a valid WSML-DL specification
    • All consequences inferred from a WSML-Core specification are also valid consequences of the same specification in WSML-DL
  • The difference between WSML-Core and WSML-DL lies in the logical expression syntax
    • The logical expression syntax of WSML-DL is less restrictive than the logical expression syntax of WSML-Core
  • Restrictions: it disallows the use of function symbols, restricts the arity of predicates to unary and binary and prohibits chaining variables over predicates

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