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Reasoning engines integrated within the WSML2Reasoner framework (cont’)

  • KAON2
    • Supports WSML-Core, WSML-Flight, WSML-DL
    • Is an infrastructure for managing OWL-DL, SWRL, and F-Logic ontologies
    • Reasoning in KAON2 is implemented by novel algorithms which reduce a SHIQ(D) knowledge base to a disjunctive datalog program
  • MINS (Mins Is Not Silri)
    • Supports WSML-Core, WSML-Flight, WSML-Rule
    • Is a reasoner for Datalog programs with negation and function symbols which supports well-founded semantics 
    • Supports WSML-Core, WSML-DL
    • Is an OWL DL reasoner written in Java
    • Is based on the tableaux algorithms for expressive Description Logics (DL) and supports the full expressivity of OWL DL, including reasoning about nominals (enumerated classes)

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