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The Simpsons Ontology – Preamble and Axioms

wsmlVariant _"" namespace { _"", wsml _"", dc_"" } ontology simpsons nonFunctionalProperties dc#creator hasValue "Mick Kerrigan" dc#type hasValue _"" dc#descrption hasValue "An ontology of the characters, actors and places in the Simpsons" dc#identifier hasValue simpsons dc#publisher hasValue "STI Innsbruck" dc#subject hasValue "The Simpsons" wsml#version hasValue "1.0" dc#language hasValue "en-UK" dc#title hasValue "The Simpsons Ontology" dc#date hasValue "2006-05-03" endNonFunctionalProperties axiom priniciples_work_too definedBy ?x[principleOf hasValue ?y] memberOf character implies ?x[hasWorkingPlace hasValue ?y]. axiom spouses_are_in_love definedBy ?x[hasSpouse hasValue ?y] memberOf character implies ?x[inLoveWith hasValue ?y].

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