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The Simpsons Ontology – Queries

  • Query 1: To find all the students and the principle of the school they attend:
    ?child[attends hasValue ?school] and ?principle[principleOf hasValue ?school]
  • Query 2: To find all the people that work at springfield_elementary:
    ?employee[hasWorkingPlace hasValue springfield_elementary]
  • Query 3: To find out who is the reverant of the church that each character attends:
    ?worshiper[worshipsAt hasValue ?church] and ?reverant[reverantOf hasValue ?church]
  • Query 4: To find all the characters that Dan Castellanata does the voices for on the simpsons:
    ?character[hasActor hasValue dan_castellanata]
  • Query 5: To find out who is in love with who in the simpsons world:
    ?character1[inLoveWith hasValue ?charachter2]
  • Query 6: To find all actors who play characters of the opposite sex:
    ?actor[hasGender hasValue ?actorgender] memberOf actor and ?character[hasGender hasValue ?charactergender] memberOf character and ?character[hasActor hasValue ?actor] and ?actorgender != ?charactergender
  • Demo: Use the IRIS Reasoner in WSMT for answers to these queries!

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