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Conceptual Model – Service Profile Class

  • Expresses “what a service does” for
    • Advertising purposes - used to express the service functional and non functional properties, and
    • Template for service requests.
  • Specification of functionality provided by a service is given through:
    • requirements that the service requester must satisfy to use the service successfully.
    • Inputs and outputs (OWL classes) and 
    • Preconditions and results (format not fixed).
  • Non-functional properties of a service are defined through:
    • Instances of the ServiceCategory class
      • an entry in some ontology or taxonomy of services.
    • Instances of the ServiceParameter class
      • expandable list of arbitrary properties that may accompany a profile description.
    • A set of simple value attributes such as serviceName, textDescription, serviceProduct, serviceClassification (explained later).

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