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Conceptual Model – Service Profile Class

  • Functional properties 
    • hasParameter - ranges over a Parameter instance from the Service Model2 ontology. Note that the Parameter class models our intuition that Inputs and Outputs (which are kinds of Parameters) are both involved in information transformation and therefore they are different from Preconditions and Effects. As a consequence, we do not expect this class to be instantiated. It's role is solely making domain knowledge explicit.
    • hasInput - ranges over instances of Inputs as defined in the Service Model2 ontology.
    • hasOutput - ranges over instances of type Output, as defined in the Service Model2 ontology.  
    • hasPrecondition - specifies one of the preconditions of the service and ranges over a Precondition instance defined according to the schema in the Service Model2 ontology.
    • hasResult - specifies one of the results of the service, as defined by the Result class in the Service Model2 ontology. It specifies under what conditions the outputs are generated. Furthermore, the Result specifies what domain changes are produced during the execution of the service.

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