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Conceptual Model – Service Model Class – Process Classification

  • Atomic Processes
    • directly invocable (by passing them the appropriate messages),
    • no subprocesses and execute in a single step,
    • they take an input message, do something, and then return their output message,
    • provided a grounding that enables a service requester to construct messages to the process from its inputs and deconstruct replies
  • Simple processes
    • not invocable and are not associated with a grounding,
    • conceived of as having single-step executions
    • used as elements of abstraction
    • used to provide a view of (a specialized way of using) some atomic process
    • simplified representation of some composite process (for purposes of planning and reasoning)
  • Composite processes
    • decomposable into other (non-composite or composite) processes,
    • their decomposition can be specified by using control constructs such as Sequence and If-Then-Else
    • a composite process is not a behavior a service will do, but a behavior (or set of behaviors) the client can perform by sending and receiving a series of messages

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