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Conceptual Model – Service Model Class – Complex Process Control Structures

  • Sequence
    • A list of control constructs to be done in order
  • Split
    • The components of a Split process are a bag of process components to be executed concurrently. Split completes as soon as all of its component processes have been scheduled for execution
  • Split+Join
    • Here the process consists of concurrent execution of a bunch of process components with barrier synchronization. That is, Split+Join completes when all of its components processes have completed. With Split and Split+Join, we can define processes that have partial synchronization (e.g., split all and join some sub-bag). 
  • Any-Order
    • Allows the process components (specified as a bag) to be executed in some unspecified order but not concurrently. Execution and completion of all components is required. The execution of processes in an Any-Order construct cannot overlap, i.e. atomic processes cannot be executed concurrently and composite processes cannot be interleaved. All components must be executed. As with Split+Join, completion of all components is required

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