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Conceptual Model – Service Model Class – Complex Process Control Structures

  • Choice
    • calls for the execution of a single control construct from a given bag of control constructs (given by the components property). Any of the given control constructs may be chosen for execution. 
  • If-Then-Else
    • control construct that has properties ifCondition, then and else holding different aspects of the If-Then-Else. Its semantics is intended as ``Test If-condition; if True do Then, if False do Else.'' (Note that the class Condition, which is a placeholder for further work, will be defined as a class of logical expressions.)
  • Iterate
    • makes no assumption about how many iterations are made or when to initiate, terminate, or resume. The initiation, termination or maintenance condition could be specified with a whileCondition or an untilCondition
  • Repeat-While and Repeat-Until
    • Both of these iterate until a condition becomes false or true, following the familiar programming language conventions

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