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  • Bravo Air - fictitious airline site 
  • The site is providing a service which enables reservation of trips as a composite process consisting of following steps
    • Retrieval of the desired flight details
    • Selection of the available flights, and
    • Booking of the selected flights, which includes following substeps
      • Login and
      • Confirmation of reservation.
  • The example consists of the following artifacts
    • BravoAirService.owl - OWL-S service,
    • BravoAirProfile.owl – OWL-S ServiceProfile description,
    • BravoAirProcess.owl – OWL-S ServiceModel description,
    • BravoAirGrounding.owl – OWL-S ServiceGrounding description, and
    • BravoAirGrounding.wsdl – annotated WSDL which points to the specifics OWL-S descriptions used during the processing (not exemplified here).  

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