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Relationship to WSMO

  • Underlying specification
    • OWL-S is specified using OWL, and WSMO uses abstract MOF model.
  • Language unification
    • OWL-S needs to combine OWL with more expressive languages (e.g. for expressing conditions and workflow constructs) while WSMO provides a single unified language framework.
  • Conceptual model similarities
    • OWL-S Service Profile is close to the capability of a service/goal in WSMO.
      • WSMO distinguishes requester’s and provider’s view
    • OWL-S Process Model is conceptually similar to the WSMO service/goal interfaces.
      • WSMO distinguishes between the external and internal behavior
  • OWL-S lacks mediation facilities
  • Grounding similarities
    • Both approaches adopt similar ideas with respect to binding to WSDL.
      • It is a top level concept in OWL-S and not in WSMO

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