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  • Web Service Annotation Framework4 for semiautomatic annotation of Web Services' semantics addressing four different aspects:
    • Semantics of the inputs and outputs of Web Services,
    • Functional semantics (“what service does”),
    • Execution semantics to support verification of the correctness of the Web Service executions, and
    • Inclusion of information regarding the quality of service (performance, costs, …).
  • Semiautomatic annotation is based on
    • Transformation of both XML Schema part of Web Service definitions and ontologies into a common representation – SchemaGraph, and
    • Matching algorithms which compute “match score” between the SchemaGraph elements.
  • The framework comprises:
    • Ontology store – ontologies to be used during Web Service annotation,
    • Matcher library – algorithm implementations for linguistic and structural matching and
    • Translator library – SchemaGraph generation procedures.

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