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  • Web Service Discovery Infrastructure  
    • Attempts to enhance Web Service discovery infrastructure by using semantics,
    • Relies strongly on the existing UDDI Web Service registries,
    • Unifies access to the Web Service registries and ontology registries over P2P infrastructure.
    • User is expressing his requirements through the Service Templates which specify the inputs and outputs using concepts from the registered domain specific ontologies.
    • Semantic matchmaking is performed between the SAWSDL-enriched service descriptions and the Service Templates.
  • Web Service Composition Framework
    • Web Service Composition Framework (MWSCF) aims to increase the flexibility of WS compositions by relying on semantic process templates.
    • Template defines process in terms of semantically defined activities (BPEL control-flow constructs with activities).
    • Template is used to generate executable processes by binding the semantically defined activities to concrete WS.

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