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Relationship to WSMO

  • With its minimalistic approach can be viewed as orthogonal to WSMO,
  • It can reference WSMO descriptions from its annotations,
  • All the SAWSDL referenced concepts can be annotated in WSML/WSMO.
  • SAWSDL doesn’t clearly establish how requests should be defined
    • Usage of different languages hinder possibility to formally define requests, queries or notions of a “match” between service requests and service descriptions.
  • Other WSMO supported notions such as nonfunctional properties and behavioral/interface descriptions should be addressed by the initiative in the same manner (i.e. extending WS-Policy, BPEL or WS-CDL with lightweight notions).
  • SAWSDL has a strong industrial point
    • WSMO/L/X working groups are looking at closer alignment with industry standards and adoption of SAWSDL as a possible future grounding formalism for WSMO.

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