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Conceptual Model

  • Semantic Web Service Ontology (SWSO)
    • Influenced by OWL-S (shares the same 3 concepts),
    • Extension/refinement of OWL-S.
      • Underlying language (SWSL) is more expressive, and
      • Richer behavioral process model based on PSL.
  • Two independent formalizations of the conceptual model
    • First-order Logic Ontology for Web Services (FLOWS), and
      • Relies on the semantic of SWLS-FOL
    • Rule Ontology for Web Services (ROWS)
      • Relies on the semantics of SWLS-Rules.
  • In order to describe behavior of a service based on PSL approach two fundamental elements are added:
    • Structured notion of atomic processes, and
    • Infrastructure for specifying various forms of data flow.

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