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Principal Characteristics (cont')

  • Connected to External Environment 
    • Functions and relations can make extra logical calls (e.g. invoking a Web Service) which results can be integrated smoothly with the internal reasoning.
  • Open
    • IRS-III clients are based on publicly accessible Java APIs, components of the IRS-III server are Semantic Web Services which fosters flexibility.
  • Complete Descriptions
    • Data which can be represented is represented. It is not possible a priori to know which specific data will be required for SWS related reasoning.
  • Inspectable
    • Making the semantic descriptions accessible in a human readable form. The key is that the content and form are easily understandable by SWS application builders.
  • Interoperable with SWS Frameworks and Platforms
    • IRS-III has an OWL-S import mechanism. It is interoperable with the WSMO reference implementation WSMX. 

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