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Motivation (cont')

  • Need for lightweight service ontologies.
  • Directly built on top of the newest W3C standards
  • Promoting the bottom-up modeling approach
    • Augmentation of existing service specifications with semantic descriptions.
  • Covering the other grounding approaches (i.e., REST)
    • WSDL-based services
      • 23757 services and 8094 providers according to Service Finder [1]
      • Many of them are used for the intra enterprise integration
    • RESTful-based services
      • 68% RESTful services vs. 19% SOAP services [2] ?!
      • Currently the dominant approach to offer services over the Web

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[1] Statistics retrieved from the Service Finder demo on Dec 17th, 2009 @, [2] Statistics retrieved from the Programmable Web on Dec 17th, 2009 @