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The ontology expressed in RDFS - Explanation

  • Semantics of the WSMO-Lite elements: 
  • wsl:Ontology
    • Defines a container for a collection of assertions about the information model of a service. 
    • wsl:Ontology is a subclass of owl:Ontology limited to such ontologies that may serve as information models.
    • OWL ontology meta-data such as comments, version control and inclusion of other ontologies, are also allowed on wsl:Ontology.
  • wsl:FunctionalClassificationRoot
    • marks a class that is a root of a classification which also includes all the RDFS subclasses of the root class (the actual functional categories).
    • A classification (taxonomy) of service functionalities can be used for functional description of a service.
  • wsl:Condition and wsl:Effect
    • specifies a place holder for a concrete domain- specific nonfunctional property.
  • wsl:NonFunctionalParameter
    • together form a capability in a functional service description. Both are expected to use a concrete logical language to describe the logical expressions for conditions and effects.

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