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  • Existing SWS approaches are
    • Heavyweight solutions.
    • Introducing new languages founded on a expressive formalisms.
    • Promoting the top-down modeling approach (semantics-first).
    • Grounded usually in WSDL-based services.
  • Light-weight annotations for SWS include
    • WSDL
      • Common and standard way to describe Web Service interface.
    • hRESTS
      • Microformat used to identify basic service constructs (service definition, operations, inputs, outputs) inside HTML page which describes RESTful service.
    • SAWSDL
      • Set of extension attributes which can be associated to the elements of a WSDL definition.
    • MicroWSMO
      • Extends hRESTS with the elements (model, lowering, lifting) which can be associated with the elements of a hRESTS definition.
    • WSMO-Lite
      • Lightweight ontology for semantic descriptions of services on the Web.

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