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Data Mediation- Example

wsmlVariant _""
namespace { _""}

ontology travel1

concept ticket
     type ofType _string
     departure_city ofType _string
     departure_code ofType _string
     arrival_city ofType _string
     arrival_code ofType _string
     departure_date ofType date
     arrival_date ofType date
     departure_time ofType time
     arrival_time ofType time
     issuing_terms ofType terms
     firstName ofType _string
     lastName ofType _string



wsmlVariant _""
namespace { _""}

ontology travel2

concept travelVoucher
     type ofType _string
     bearer ofType name
     toFrom ofType tripPoints
     departureDate ofType date
     arrivalDate ofType date
     departureTime ofType time
     arrivalTime ofType time
     terms ofType payment
     deliveryDate ofType date

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