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Choreography – Abstract State Machines (cont')

  • Transition rules define actual behavior of the choreography.
  • The rules can take the form of
    • if Condition then Rules endIf – if the condition holds executes the updates.
    • forall Variables with Condition do Rules endForall - simultaneous execution of updates for each binding of a variable satisfying a given condition.
    • choose Variables with Condition do Rules endChoose - executes an update with an arbitrary binding of a variable chosen among those satisfying the selection condition.
  • , where
    • condition (guard) - is an arbitrary logical expression as defined by WSML,
    • rules - may take the form of Updates, whose execution is to be understood as changing (or defining, if there was none) instances in an ontology
      • add – adds new instances in the state ontology,
      • delete – deletes instances from the state ontology, and
      • update – updates instances in the state ontology.

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