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  • Different components within WSMX necessitate efficient and different reasoning functionality:
    • Discovery
      • Simple ontological reasoning and query answering as well as logical entailment between preconditions and postconditions of SWS and Goals
      • Both description logic-based and logic programming–based reasoning is required.
    • Selection
      • Evaluation of the logical rules that are used to model the non-functional properties of services
      • Logic programming–based reasoning is required.
    • Data mediation
      • Ontology mapping rules, source instances and source and target schema information are loaded into the reasoning space where rules are evaluated in order to produce target instances.
      • Logic programming–based reasoning is required.
    • Process Mediation
      • Reasoning is used to check whether messages are expected at the certain phase of the communication.
      • Evaluation of transition rules is required.
  • Different reasoning functionality is provided to WSMX through WSML2Reasoning framework.

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