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Reasoners - WSML2Reasoner Framework (cont')

  • Reasoning with rule-Based WSML
    • Covers WSML-Core, WSML-Flight, and WSML-Rule
  • Supported through semantics-preserving syntactic transformation of WSML ontologies to Datalog programs with (in)equality and integrity constrains.
    • Axiomatization – conversion of conceptual elements into appropriate axioms,
    • Normalization – reduction of complexity by bringing the expressions closer to the simple syntactic form of literals in Datalog rules
    • Lloyd-Topor transformation – flattening of the remaining complex WSML logical expressions in order to produce simple rules (single head and conjunctive – possibly negated - body literals).
    • Datalog rule generation – All WSML logical expressions are transformed into a Datalog program

  • Supported reasoning tasks
    • Query answering, ontology consistency, entailment, retrieval

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