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Reasoners - WSML2Reasoner Framework (cont')

  • Reasoning WSML-DL
  • Supported through semantics-preserving syntactic transformation of WSML-DL ontologies to OWL-DL ontologies.
    • Relations to attributes – replacing relations, subrelations, and relation instances by attributes and axioms,
    • Axiomatization - conversion of conceptual elements into appropriate axioms,
    • Implication reduction rules – replacing equivalences and right implications in logical expressions by left implications,
    • Inverse implication reduction rules – replace conjunctions on the left side and disjunctions on the right side of an inverse implication by left implications,
    • Molecule decomposition rules – replace complex molecules inside logical expressions by conjunctions of cimple ones, and
    • OWL API transformation – each logical expression is translated into the corresponding OWL descriptions
  • Supported reasoning tasks
    • Knowledge base consistency, concept satisfiability, concept subsumption, instance checking, realization, instance retrieval

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