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Conceptual Model – Entry Points

  • Represent input ports to which messages can be sent for initiating specific execution semantics.
  • Published as SOAP Endpoints
    • getWebServices(WSMLDocument): Web Services
      • A service requester wishes to discover a list of SWS fulfilling its requirements provided by as a goal description using WSML.
      • A set of WSML Web Service descriptions whose capability matches the goal is returned.
    • invokeWebService(WSMLDocument, Context): Context
      • Used to invoke already known Semantic Web Service by relying on data provided in the form of WSML ontology and conversation context.
    • achieveGoal(WSMLDocument): Context
      • A service requester wishes to use WSMX for all aspects of goal-based service invocation (discovery, mediation, invocation) by providing both goal and data in the single WSML document.
      • Processing of the message is identified by the conversation context .

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