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Execution Semantics – Web Service Invocation (cont')

  • Input
    • As input the requester is providing WSML content (Web service + data) and conversation context (if known!!! The first message is sent without it, but it is returned as output of the invocation).
  • Output
    • Results of the Web Service invocation (and possibly conversational context)
  • Process 
    • Communication Manager unpacks the content and retrieves Web service and data.
    • Data mediation may be required in cases where heterogeneities exists (this step can internally use reasoner)
    • Process mediation has all the required data to commence (matching the message patterns and data types offered by SWS and required by the goal). This is a process of aligning of input data instances so that they can be understood by the Choreography.
    • The choreography activity is commencing (determines which messages to send on the basis of choreography descriptions - ASM).
    • Grounding is taking place in order to transform those instances to the format required by the invoked service.
    • Invocation takes place

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