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Semantic Business Process Execution Scenario (cont')

  • Step 1: A user initiates the semantic BPEL process by sending a service request through the Semantic Service Bus to Semantic BEPEL Execution Engine (SBPELEE ).
  • Step 2: SBPELEE delegates the invocation of SWS to Semantic Execution Environment (SEE) by passing the WSMO Goal to it. 
  • Step 3: SEE queries the SWS repository to discover the desired SWS.
  • Step 4: SEE invokes the selected SWS.
  • Step 5: SEE returns the result of “Achieve Goal” to SBPELEE.
  • Step 6: After the process execution has been finished, the result is returned to the user.
  • During the execution, execution events are published to Execution History for persistence and to the Monitoring Tool for tracking process executions.

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