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Scenario Based Analysis

  • The business user who wants to perform a specific analysis needs to select the relevant business questions (BQ). If we had just a few questions, this operation could be performed manually. But since we deal with a rich set of BQs, we need a smarter way to select them. 
  • Therefore the business user has just to select the relevant concepts within the SUPER ontologies (e.g., he wants to perform an exceptional analysis, within the sales processes)
  • In this way, the analysis tool is able to automatically select the BQs annotated with those concepts.
  • These Business Questions are either directly executed on the execution history repository or “brought” to the process mining environment.

    This is dependent on the question. Some business questions can directly be answered (RBE approach), some business questions can only be answered using process mining.

  • Once the respective queries (either triggered by the Business Question repository directly or by the Process Mining environment) are executed on the Execution history repository the query results are formatted and aggregated for the business user.

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