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Competition (marketplaces)

  • StrikeIron – the biggest marketplace for commercial Web services; 
    • seekda’s Search Engine make the market more transparent then StrikeIron
    • StrikeIron does not allow to share subscription between services 
  • widgetbox – Funding: $1.5 million from Hummer Winblad; Advertises itself as an "open web widget marketplace and syndication platform”:
    • their widgets are all still free, but the intention is to provide support for commercializing widgets. 
    • targets in particular bloggers and website owners to deploy the widgets
    • has pre-build integration with some blog engines and content management systems to lower the barrier for people to deploy their widgets. 
  • SpringWidget - internally funded; it is also a widget marketplace, 
    • puts a stronger emphasis on having widgets available on many platforms (blogs, website, desktop) with the cost of needing a stronger integration of the widget with the SpringWidget's platform.

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