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SUPER Architecture (cont')

  • The central component of the architecture is the Semantic Service Bus (SSB) which provides a communication infrastructure for the SUPER components. Components communicate over the bus by sending and receiving normalized messages.
  • SUPER Tooling comprises tools to support different phases of the Semantic Business Process (SBP) lifecycle:

    • SBP Modeling Tool - used during the design time for SBP modeling

    • SBP Monitoring and Management Tool provides an up-to-date picture over the SBP and Semantic Web services (SWS) execution state and provides simple management functionality

    • SBP Analysis Tool is used for Process Mining and Reverse Business Engineering (RBE) purposes

  • SUPER Repositories are used for storing artefacts which are produced, utilized and exchanged by the the SUPER components

    • SBP Library stores artefacts which are created during process modelling, i.e. process models, process fragments, and process mediators

    • SWS Repository stores artefacts related to Semantic Web services

    • Execution History stores the audit trail of the executed process instances

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