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SUPER Architecture (cont')

  • SUPER Platform Services comprise the basic services which provide their functionalities for all SUPER tools and components
    • Transformation Services translate among different formats of SUPER artifacts

    • SBP Mediation resolves heterogeneity problems between different business processes

    • Data Mediation is responsible for handling ontology level heterogeneitie

    • SBP Composition combines services and processes in order to implement activities of the process, where activities can be implemented by one or more services

    • SBP Discovery finds SBP candidates fulfilling criteria specified as WSMO Goals

    • SBP Reasoner provides process behavioural logic-based inference engine capable of reasoning with SUPER ontologies

  • SUPER Execution comprise two execution environments/engines:

    • Semantic BPEL Execution Engine is a BPEL 2.0 compliant process engine, which supports the extensions of BPEL4SWS and is integrated into the Semantic Service Bus (SSB)

    • Semantic Execution Environment (SEE) enables discovery, selection, mediation, invocation and interoperability between Semantic Web services (SWS). SEE is a middleware operating on WSMO descriptions enabling flexible interaction between Service Requesters and Service Providers

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