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Examples of Shipping Services (cont')

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    Rates(flat fee/each lb): Europe(50/5.75), Asia(60/8.5), North America(15/0.5), South America(65.75/12), Africa (96.75/13.5), Oceania has the same rates then Asia 
    Exact list of countries included in WSDL file 
    When ordering a shipment using the Web Services, per invocation the shipment of one package can be ordered. 
    If package weight exceeds 70 lbs, weight, length and height are required (the order has to be done via phone or fax) 
    Constraints on Collection: 
    • Collection can be ordered max 5 working days in advance. 
    • Minimum Advance notice for collection is 1 hour 
    • Collection is possible between 1am - 12pm 
    • There must be at least an interval of 30 minutes for collection. 
    Delivery Time: 
    • Ships in 2 business days if collected by 10am; 
    • Ships in 3 business days otherwise.

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