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SlideWiki Development Vision

SlideWiki in two years - rapidly growing

  • SlideWiki attracted a critical mass of more than 100 comprehensive lecture series, which are enriched with interactive e-learning elements and translated to more than 10 languages each
  • SlideWiki has a rapidly growing user base both from learners, teachers, professors (>1 million users per month)
  • SlideWiki established a successful cooperation and sustainability program with more than 30 educational institutions, which support SlideWiki similar to arXiv's sustainability programme with support pledges from active user institutions (arXiv attracts more than 300k$ annually via support pledges)

SlideWiki in five years - the top resource for educational content

  • SlideWiki features more than 1,000 lecture series on all educational areas in particular also school and undergraduate courses
  • more than 10 million users are using SlideWiki every month, with a large share from developing countries
  • SlideWiki is self-sustaining through regular support pledges, donations, public RTD funding amounting more than 2 million Euro annually

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