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Development Plan

Next two years:

We plan to dedicate one full-time equivalent for each of the following functions:

  1. optimize the technology platform to smoothly run on dynamically scaling cloud infrastructures
  2. improve import/export functionality (Powerpoint, OpenOffice, Keynote, LaTeX, HTML)
  3. improve the authoring environment, self-assessment test, activity streams
  4. improved manual and automatic translation
  5. social network integration
  6. improve the functionality for creating visualizations, diagrams
  7. support for mobile devices (smart phones) and ubiquitous learning (tablets, TV)
  8. sustainability, support network and funding
  9. community coordination and support
  10. coordination of content acquisition and enrichment

Next 5 years 

  • user modelling, personalized re-tailoring of learning content, automatized content adaption
  • user generated learning apps
  • virtual learning communities
  • content and technology for developing countries

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