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Case-based reasoning

  • Definition: A “case” is an experience made during the solving of a problem.

  • A case is typically informally given and covers the problem and the solution.

  • Experiences (resp. cases) are used to solve newly occurring problems.

  • Cases are collected in a so-called case-base (analogous to a knowledge base in KBS)

  • Case-based reasoning is inspired by human problem solving capabilities.

  • Application scenarios are characterized through:

    • A considerable amount of cases has to be available

    • Using the cases to solve the problem has to be easier than solving the problem directly.

    • Available information is incomplete or unsecure and imprecise.

    • The construction of a KBS and the modelling of cases is not easily possible.

  • Typical application scenarios can be found in the area of diagnostics, electronic sales, configaration, or planning.

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