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Interpretation (cont’)

    Terms with variables

      I [f(t1,...,tn)) = I [f] (I [t1],..., I [tn]) = F(I [t1],..., I [tn]) ∈D

      where I[ti] = V(ti) if ti is a variable

    Atomic Formula

      I [P(t1,...,tn)]           true if (I [t1],..., I [tn]) ∈ I [P] = R

    Negated Formula

      I [¬α]                      true if I [α] is not true

    Complex Formula

      I[α∨β]                    true if I [α] or I [β] true

      I [α∧β]                   true if I [α] and I [β] true

      I [α→β]                 if I [α] not true or I [β] true

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