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Description Logic Syntax

  • Concepts/classes (unary predicates/formulae with one free variable)

    • E.g. Person, Female

  • Roles (binary predicates/formulae with two free variables)

    • E.g. hasChild

  • Individuals (constants)

    • E.g. Mary, John

  • Constructors allow to form more complex concepts/roles

    • Union ⊔: Man ⊔ Woman

    • Intersection ⊓ : Doctor ⊓ Mother

    • Existential restriction ∃: ∃hasChild.Doctor (some child is a doctor)

    • Value(universal) restriction ∀: ∀hasChild.Doctor (all children are doctors)

    • Complement /negation¬: Man ⊑ ¬Mother

    • Number restriction ≥n, ≤n

  • Axioms

    • Subsumption ⊑ : Mother ⊑ Parent

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