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Description Logic Syntax - Concepts

  • Classes/concepts are actually a set of individuals

  • We can distinguish different types of concepts:

    • Atomic concepts: Cannot be further decomposed (i.e. Person)

    • Incomplete concepts (defined by ⊑)

    • Complete concepts (defined by ≡)

  • Example incomplete concept defintion:

    • Man ⊑ Person ⊓ Male

    • Intended meaning: If an individual is a man, we can conclude that it is a person and male.

    • Man(x) ⇒ Person(x) ∧ Male(x)

  • Example complete concept definition:

    • Man ≡ Person ⊓ Male

    • Intended meaning: Every individual which is a male person is a man, and every man is a male person.

    • Man(x) ⇔ Person(x) ∧ Male(x)

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