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Logic Programming – Semantics

  • Semantics of LP vs Semantics of FOL
    • Semantics LP defined in terms of minimal Herbrand model
      • Only one minimal model
    • Semantics FOL defined in terms of First-Order models
      • Typically, infinitely many First-Order models
    • The minimal Herbrand model is a First-Order model
    • Every Herbrand model is a First-Order model
    • There exist First-Order models which are not Herbrand models
  • Example:
    • p(a), p(x) → q(x)
    • The Minimal Herbrand model: {p(a), q(a)}
    • This is actually the only Herbrand model!
    • First-Order models: {p(a), q(a)}, {p(a), q(a), p(b)}, etc.

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