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Motivating Example

  • Several types of design are implicitly defined by these aspects of the problem:
    • Possible design – An element in design space (∈ R1 × ... × Rn);
    • Desired design – A design that fulfills all requirements (∈ R);
    • Valid design – A design that fulfills all constraints (∈ C);
    • Solution – A design which is desired and valid (∈ R C);
    • Optimal solution - A solution for which no other solution which has a higher preference value exists
      (any solution x such that ∀y ∈ R1 × ... × Rn . P(y) ≤ P(x)).
  • There is also the possible extension:
    • Acceptable solution - Given a threshold t, an acceptable solution is any solution x such that P(x) > t.

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