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Description of Problem-Solving Methods

  • Several proof obligations follow the conceptual model of such a specification of a knowledge-based system:
    • PO-i : the consistency of the task definition to ensure that a model exists, otherwise one could define an unsolvable problem;
    • PO-ii : that the operational specification of the PSM describes a terminating process which has the competence as specified;
    • PO-iii : the internal consistency of the domain knowledge and domain model, also that the assumptions on domain knowledge implies its meta-level characterisation;
    • PO-iv : relationships between the specification elements –
      1. the requirements of the adapter imply the knowledge requirements of the PSM and task,
      2. the adapter’s additional requirements on domain knowledge and assumption guarantee that the competence of the PSM is strong enough for task,
      3. The requirements of the adapter are implied by the meta knowledge of the domain model.

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