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    n th iteration
      s n-1 = on(A, Table) on(D, Table) on(B,C) ^ clear(A) ^ clear(B) ^ holding(C)
    Step 2:
      Applicable actions: putdown(C), stack(C,A) , stack(C,B)
    Step 3:
      s n = result(s n-1 , 〈stack(C,A)〉) = on(A, Table) on(D, Table) on (B,C) ^ clear(A) ^ clear(B) ^ holding(C) ∪ on(x,y) ^ clear(x) ^ handEmpty \ clear(y) ^ holding(x) = on(A, Table) on(D, Table) on (C, A) on(B,D) ^ clear(C) ^ clear(B) ^ handEmpty

      s n is the goal state G

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