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  • Mandatory reading:
    • D. McDermott. “PDDL – the planning domain definition language”, Technical Report CVC TR-98-003/DCS TR-1165, Yale Center for Computational Vision and Control, 1998.
    • N. Nilsson and R. Fikes. “STRIPS: A New Approach to the Application of Theorem Proving to Problem Solving”, SRI Technical Note 43, 1970.
  • Further reading:
    • S. Russell and P. Norvig. “AI: A Modern Approach” (2nd Edition), Prentice Hall, 2002
    • G. Malik; D.S. Nau, P. Traverso (2004), Automated Planning: Theory and Practice, Morgan Kaufmann, ISBN 1-55860-856-7
    • T .Bylander,The Computationa lComplexity of Propositional STRIPS Planning, Artificial Intelligence Journal, 1994
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