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Machine Learning

  • Machine learning (ML) is concerned with the design and development of algorithms that allow computers to change behavior based on data. A major focus is to automatically learn to recognize complex patterns and make intelligent decisions based on data (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Driving question: “How can we build computer systems that automatically improve with experience, and what are the fundamental laws that govern all learning processes?” (cf. [2])
  • Three niches for machine learning [1]:
    • Data mining: using historical data to improve decisions, e.g. from medical records to medical knowledge
    • Software applications hard to program by hand, e.g. autonomous driving or speech recognition
    • Self-customizing programs, e.g., a newsreader that learns users interest
  • Practical success of ML:
    • Speech recognition
    • Computer vision, i.e. to recognize faces, to automatically classify microscope images of cells, or for recognition of hand writings
    • Bio surveillance, i.e. to detect and track disease outbreaks
    • Robot control

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