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Model Theory – Definite Semantics

  • An additional restriction in addition to those of the definite semantics is to only allow true and false ground facts as examples (evidence)
  • This is called the example setting
    • The example setting is the main setting employed by ILP systems
    • Only allows factual and not causal evidence (which usually captures more knowledge)
  • Example:
    • B: grandfather(X, Y) ← father(X, Z), parent(Z, Y)
          father(henry, jane) ←
    • E: grandfather(henry, john) ←
          grandfather(henry, alice) ←
  • Not allowed in example setting:
    • ← grandfather(X, X)     [Not allowed in definite semantics]
      grandfather(henry, john) ← father(henry, jane), mother(jane, john)

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