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Michalski’s train problem (5)

  • An ILP systems could generate the following hypothesis:
        eastbound(A) ← has_car(A,B), not(open(B)), not(long(B)).
    i.e. A train is eastbound if it has a car which is both not open and not long.
  • Other generated hypotheses could be:
    • If a train has a short closed car, then it is Eastbound and otherwise Westbound
    • If a train has two cars, or has a car with a corrugated roof, then it is Westbound and otherwise Eastbound
    • If a train has more than two different kinds of load, then it is Eastbound and otherwise Westbound
    • For each train add up the total number of sides of loads (taking a circle to have one side); if the answer is a divisor of 60 then the train is Westbound andotherwise Eastbound

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