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Definition: Formal Context

  • Context: A triple (G, M, I) is a (formal) context if
    • G is a set of objects (Gegenstand)
    • M is a set of attributes (Merkmal)
    • I is a binary relation between G and M called incidence
  • Incidence relation: I ⊆ G x M
    • if g∈G, m∈M in (g,m)∈I, then we know that “ object g has attribute m „ and we write gIm
  • Derivation operators:
    • For A ⊆ G, A‘={m∈M | (g,m)∈I for all g∈A}
    • For B ⊆ M, B‘={g∈G | (g,m)∈I for all m∈B}

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