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  • One of the major goals of AI is to help humans in solving complex tasks
    • How can I fill my container with pallets?
    • Which is the shortest way from Milan to Innsbruck?
    • Which is the fastest way from Milan to Innsbruck?
    • How can I optimize the load of my freight to maximize my revenue?
    • How can I solve my Sudoku game?
    • What is the sequence of actions I should apply to win a game?
  • Sometimes finding a solution is not enough, you want the optimal solution according to some “cost” criteria
  • All the example presented above involve looking for a plan
  • A plan that can be defined as the set of operations to be performed of an initial state, to reach a final state that is considered the goal state
  • Thus we need efficient techniques to search for paths, or sequences of actions, that can enable us to reach the goal state, i.e. to find a plan
  • Such techniques are commonly called Search Methods

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