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RDF Semantic Conditions

An RDF Interpretation of a vocabulary \(V\) is a simple interpretation of the vocabulary \(V \cup V_\mathrm{RDF}\) that additionally satisfies the following conditions:
  • \(x \in \mathit{IP}\) iff \(\langle x, \verb|rdf:Property|^\mathcal{I} \rangle \in \mathrm{I_{EXT}}(\verb|rdf:type|^\mathcal{I})\).
  • if \("\!\!s\!\!"\!\!\verb|^^rdf:XMLLiteral|\) is contained in \(V\) and \(s\) is a well-formed XML literal, then
    • \(\mathrm{I_L}("\!\!s\!\!"\!\!\verb|^^rdf:XMLLiteral|)\) is the XML value of \(s\);
    • \(\mathrm{I_L}("\!\!s\!\!"\!\!\verb|^^rdf:XMLLiteral|) \in \mathit{LV}\);
    • \(\langle \mathrm{I_L}("\!\!s\!\!"\!\!\verb|^^rdf:XMLLiteral|), \verb|rdf:XMLLiteral|^\mathcal{I} \rangle \in \mathrm{I_{EXT}}(\verb|rdf:type|^\mathcal{I})\)
  • if \("\!\!s\!\!"\verb|^^rdf:XMLLiteral|\) is contained in \(V\) and \(s\) is an ill-formed XML literal, then
    • \(\mathrm{I_L}("\!\!s\!\!"\!\!\verb|^^rdf:XMLLiteral|) \not \in \mathit{LV}\);
    • \(\langle \mathrm{I_L}("\!\!s\!\!"\!\!\verb|^^rdf:XMLLiteral|), \verb|rdf:XMLLiteral|^\mathcal{I} \rangle \not \in \mathrm{I_{EXT}}(\verb|rdf:type|^\mathcal{I})\)

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